The Studios

No Studio worth its salt has parallel surfaces, since the sound waves tend to bounce back into themselves, resulting in a mire of "standing waves."

Tutti Camarata
from "The Temples of Sound"

"Historically, Recording had been the tributary that fed the twin rivers of Film and Radio. There is perhaps no single media outlet today that rivals the importance of radio in the first half of the last century. Not only were many of the first radio stations de facto recording studios, the consoles and the engineers were likewise products of some thin frequency on the dial. And film had always been years, if not decades, ahead of the recording industry's technology (Consider: Fantasia, from 1939, was recorded in an early form of surround sound.)" - Jim Cogan

Certain studios in recording history stood out for their uniqueness and reputation for churning out hit records.  Aside from the talents of the performing artists, producers and engineers some factor has to be attributed to the actual studio itself for the resultant quality of sound.  Throughout Scotty's career he's had the opportunity to be affiliated with several.  Its beyond the scope of this section to list all the great studios, the thousands of songs that were recorded in them,  or even the hundreds that Scotty played on*.  Rather, in this section we'll cover some of the histories, design, equipment and associations of some of the studios that Scotty has recorded and/or produced and engineered in.

Sun Record Company

RCA Victor - 1525 McGavock St.

RCA Victor Studio A New York

Radio Recorders

Fernwood Records

Hi (Royal) Studio

RCA Victor Studio B Nashville

Sam Phillips Recording Service


CBS TV Studio 50 (The Ed Sullivan Theater)

NBC Studio New York (The Hudson Theater)

NBC Color City Burbank Studio 4


Of interest also 50 Guitars and All That Jazz - photos from the collection of Tiny Timbrell

The RCA LC-1A Loudspeaker



* Though we can't attest to its accuracy, a lot of info regarding "Elvis Presley Studio Recordings" has been compiled and can be found at the Master & Session  website ( and the extremely comprehensive website by Keith Flynn at

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