The Movie Guitars of Elvis Presley

One of the first sections up when we launched this site in 2002 was the Guitar section which details the instruments owned and played by Scotty and also Elvis, Bill and DJ during their career together.  Two years later I added a section that specifically detailed The Performance Guitars of Elvis Presley covering most of the guitars he owned and used on stage throughout his entire career.  In recognition of this 75th birthday year I've added a section devoted specifically to guitars Elvis used and appeared with in his movies.

Though there were often many instruments of various styles and manufacturers seen throughout his films, I've limited this to only those that were used by him for any length of time in any of the films. In the case of guitars in Spinout, which initially inspired this endeavor sometime back, I decided to have a page by itself indexing the detail pages of the many used. In any case, this is as complete as I hope to make it at this time. Click on the links for each (at the bottom they are listed by movie).

James V. Roy
August 15, 2010

Elvis' feature films and guitars used or appearing,
in order of release:

  1. Love Me Tender - 1956 (F) Fox Prop Guitar

  2. Loving You - 1957 (P) Gibson J45, Gibson J-200

  3. Jailhouse Rock - 1957 (M) Stella H929, Maton HG100

  4. King Creole - 1958 (P) Gibson J45, Gibson J-200

  5. G.I. Blues - 1960 (P) Gibson J45, Gibson J-200, Harmony H950

  6. Flaming Star - 1960 (F) Fox Prop Guitar

  7. Wild in the Country - 1961 (F) Parlor style steel string

  8. Blue Hawaii - 1961 (P) Gibson J45, Soprano Ukulele

  9. Follow That Dream - 1962 (UA) Old Kraftsman

  10. Kid Galahad - 1962 (UA) Old Kraftsman

  11. Girls! Girls! Girls! - 1962 (P) Martin 0-17, Harmony H165

  12. It Happened at the World's Fair - 1963 (M) Gibson LG-1

  13. Fun in Acapulco - 1963 (P) Harmony H950, Harmony H165, Classical guitar

  14. Viva Las Vegas - 1964 (M) Gibson LG-1, Fender Stratocaster

  15. Kissin' Cousins - 1964 (M) (no guitar used)

  16. Roustabout - 1964 (P) Harmony H950

  17. Girl Happy - 1965 (M) Gibson LG-1, Fender Telecaster, Fender Precision Bass

  18. Tickle Me - 1965 (A) Gibson J-200, Classical guitar

  19. Harum Scarum - 1965 (M) (no guitar used)

  20. Frankie and Johnny - 1966 (UA) Harmony H929TG - Stella Tenor

  21. Paradise, Hawaiian Style - 1966 (P) Harmony H950

  22. Spinout - 1966 (M) Burns Double Six, Fender Precision Bass, Hoyer 12-String, Gibson LG-1, Gibson EBS-1250

  23. Easy Come, Easy Go - 1967 (P) Fender Precision Bass, Gibson SG

  24. Double Trouble - 1967 (M) 1960s Ampeg Baby Bass

  25. Clambake - 1967 (UA) Classical guitar, Fender Electric XII, Fender Wildwood

  26. Stay Away, Joe - 1968 (M) (no guitar used)

  27. Speedway - 1968 (M) Fender Coronado II

  28. Live a Little, Love a Little - 1968 (M) Gibson LG-1

  29. Charro! - 1969 (N) (no guitar used)

  30. The Trouble With Girls - 1969 (M) Kay Dreadnought

  31. Change of Habit - 1969 (U) Various "Classical" guitars, Old Kraftsman, H162 style acoustic

F - 20th Century Fox; P - Paramount; M - MGM; UA - United Artists; A - Allied Artists; N - National General; U - Universal


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