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In this section we'll be putting some of the photos and comments that fans of Scotty have sent us.  We generally pick and choose them or solicit them from entries in the guest book but if you have an interesting story or photo feel free to shoot me an email (text only initially please-and please keep in mind space is limited, though I'd like too, I can't put up everything).
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Scotty Moore and Elvis Presley's legacy become part of my MS Delta Project.
Upon realizing Scotty would be playing his last performance on August 15, 2007 I packed up and went to Memphis for Elvis Week. It was a long time coming. The MS Delta Project, started 2 years ago, was a vision to have the greatest, and most influential guitar players of all eras and genres to sign one guitar. This musical symbol, from punk rock to heavy metal, delta blues and jazz to rock n' roll features guitar players both widely known and unknown. I made it to Memphis, where both Jim and Gail were kind enough to accomodate my wish of having Scotty add his history to this guitar. 
While in Memphis, I was also fortunate enough to get to meet many great people who helped make this possible. Both James Burton and Steve Cropper also added their names. Aside from Elvis's Legacy being represented by Scotty and James, other honored signers of this project are Jeff Beck, Bo Diddley, Dave Matthews, Chuck Berry, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, B.B. King, Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits, Les Paul, Buddy Guy, and The Edge of U2.

These pictures were taken in Sun Studios recording space. One has the guitar leaned against the Elvis mic. 
memphisguitar.jpg (38093 bytes)memphis2007016.jpg (31692 bytes)
Hello Scotty & Gail, I just wanted to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS & a HAPPY NEW YEAR . I would love to send you some of our truck pictures too. Remember the one's you & D. J. posed for in Houston, TX at the Cactus Tapes & records . You & D. J. were there when your CD [ALL THE KINGS MEN] came out - Larry Harrison
Hi Scotty, hope your keeping well! See you're as busy as ever :) I met you in Cork with my baby son & wanted to send you the pics we took,one of the guys with you asked me to send them to the web-site. - Aisling  pic009.jpg (60336 bytes)
pic011.jpg (68988 bytes)

Hi Scotty, Meeting you at The Tennessee Rock n Roll Club in June '02 was a dream come true for me.  The Sun recordings you made with Elvis weren't one of the reasons I started playing guitar - they were the only reason.  Those opening bars on Mystery Train did it for me like nothing before or since.  I wanted to tell you this when you signed my 335 after the show, but I clammed up like a starstruck teenager.  I vowed to do better when I saw you again in October '02, but no joy.  Suffice to say that without Scotty Moore I would never have picked up a guitar.  Thank you for the music and the inspiration. Now I have another ambition…to play with Scotty Moore…;-) Get well soon my friend. - Deke Martin  (Thanks to Tony Smith for the photo).


dekenscotty.jpg (48347 bytes)
Hello there Mr Moore, I just wanted to tell you that I had a great time backing you up and singing for you at the Ponderosa Stomp, I was playing rhythm guitar as part of the Deke Dickerson band if you recall. It is definitely something I wont soon forget, and also something I hope I get the chance to do again in the future. You're not only a genius on the guitar but a class act as well. I'm working on finishing up a record pf my own here soon and have a few tours thru Europe in the spring but I'm always around traveling here and there, and perhaps our paths will cross again soon. Thanks for your music, and also for giving the time to answer some of my questions and share old stories. All my best to you and yours - Eddie Clendening


EddieandScottyMoore.jpg (35818 bytes)
Hope you are feeling better.  I had 4 bypasses done since we met at m. c. recorders in the mid 70`s. I'm the fellow with all the lefty Gibson guitars including a 78 Super 400 CES, due to your inspiration. Still got the photos and cd you sent me (YOU AND C.PERKINS).  Got a note here from Gail concerning your fascination on the lefty guitar pics you recieved from me. if you guys play Canada east anytime, let me know. I'm still in St. Johns Nfld.  You and Gail take care, good luck, and good health- keep pickin... - Lew Skinner

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Scotty,  Saw you in Orillia last weekend with DJ, Ronnie, and The Jordanaires. Great show! And hey, what about Bob Moore on bass....what a treat. Anyway, you guys were so nice to stick around for autographs for so long after the show! By the time I got to you...they didn't have much left to sell at the souvenir table, so I grabbed a chunk of cardboard that was laying under the table and got you guys to sign it. It's framed on my wall now! I told you I learned to play guitar from your records and you said "I hope it didn't get you in too much trouble. " Well, it didn' I'm trying to make a living keeping Rock & Roll alive. Thanks for everything.... - Freddy Vette

FreddyVette.jpg (19923 bytes)
I attended Elvis Tribute Week in Memphis in 1995 and was thrilled when I learned that Scotty would be doing the Ronnie McDowell show sponsored by Darwin Lamm's Elvis International magazine. It became my main goal getting to Memphis to meet Scotty and I stood in line and succeeded. Before that about 1990, I had written to Scotty and he had replied, so we exchanged notes a couple of times after that. When I saw him in Memphis, I quickly told him who I was (at that time I was living in Saskatchewan), he apologized for not writing...that blew me away that he would remember after about 3 years. Incredible! It was one of the best 10 days of my life.  Meeting him just crowned it. I actually cried when he began playing. - Louise Rustad


ScottyLouise95.jpg (37280 bytes)
I just visited an uncle, Durwood Ramsey, who played guitar with you in 1950 on the aircraft carrier Valley Forge in 1950.   He gave me a copy of a picture taken on the carrier of you, him and another guitarist. - Rayford Sowell

DurwoodRamsey.JPG (37992 bytes)
My name is Danny Thompson and I was looking through the Amps that Scotty has owned and noticed you missed one. From 1995 till August 2001 Scotty owned a Fender Custom Shop Dual Professional ( serial # 0013 ). It's the amp he toured with many times and recorded All The Kings Men with. Scotty sold me the amp. I am a HUGE Scotty fan and the fact he chose me to own this amp is just the biggest honor I've ever experienced. -  Danny Thompson


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Our group (The Cavaliers) formed in 1956 because of your, Elvis & Bill's performance at the San Angelo City Auditorium Jan 5th & Feb 17th 1955.  In 1959 our group had the honor of backing you (Thomas Wayne) at a record hop in Popularville, Miss.  Because of a record company release mix up we went by Billy (The) Kidd & The Cavaliers in 59'.  In 1964 our group hit with "Last Kiss" (J. Frank Wilson & Cav.)  The Cavaliers from left to right are Carroll Smith (bass) Ron Stovall (drums) Thomas Wayne (Tragedy), Scotty and I'm to the right out just out of the picture.  Scotty is playing Billy (The) Kidd's (me) Fender Telecaster. -  Sid Holmes


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Sid Holmes©

My wife was a good friend of Elvis Presley (in his earlier days) and knew Scotty and many of the others well at Graceland (and before, as in this picture).  This happened to be a picture she had. - Bob Singer


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Saralyn Epstein Singer©

I met you during Elvis week 2002 at the Sun Studio Block Party and gave you my Sheriff Department hat and patch. I just want to thank you for all your contributions to the music that I love. - Douglas Ferich

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It was very nice to meet you last August in Tunica. I hope you enjoyed seeing that original poster from the 1961 USS Arizona benefit concert in Hawaii. I am always proud to show it off along with the copy you and D.J. Fontana signed for me. - Rick Heilbrun 


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Hi, die bilder wurden 1995 in Dortmund bei einer plattenbörse (als DJ Fontana and Scotty autogramme gaben) gemacht, ausserdem habe ich scotty in 2001 in bad nauheim im capri-club getroffen. (Hi, the pictures were made 1995 in Dortmund (as DJ Fontana and Scotty signed autographs), also I encountered Scotty in 2001 in Bad Nauheim in the Capri Club.) - Oliver Steinhoff & Jacqueline Raphael (Switzerland)

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