Scotty sells an amp

I first saw Scotty perform in Oct. 1996 with Ronnie McDowell at the Little Nashville Opry House in Nashville, Indiana; he was using his Chet Prototype Gibson and the Dual Professional.

Scotty and Ronnie McDowell
photo courtesy D. Thompson©

After the show Scotty was kind enough to step outside and sign a few things for me. After expressing to him how much he had inspired me I immediately asked him if he still had the Ray Butts Amp. He looked at me a bit surprised and said, “ Yeah I do! But I took it to England with me and it got messed up “ and we continued to chat about music, guitars and amps for about 20 minutes. It was one of the biggest thrills of my life, until…

Scotty with the Dual Professional
photo courtesy D. Thompson©

Early Aug. 2001 I found out that there was going to be an Elvis tribute show at a Casino in Tunica MS and Scotty was going to be performing with many other members of Elvis’ original band so Mandy, my wife to be ( now my wife ) and I left Indianapolis for Tunica!

Scotty and Mandy Thompson
photo courtesy D. Thompson©

The show was fantastic, but I noticed that Scotty was using a much smaller amp ( the Peavey Classic 30 ) and I started wondering what happened to that Dual Pro?

After the show Scotty, D.J and Ronnie sat and signed autographs but there was literally about 2000 people in line so I thought “ well, maybe I can come back later and catch him “ so Mandy and I went to one of the lounge’s to have a drink. A bit later, much to our surprise, in walks Scotty with some friends!! They grabbed a few seats in the middles of the room and began chatting. After a few moments I saw the opportunity to approach Scotty and say hello and I ask him if he ever got the Ray Butts amp going again. He looked at me and said… “ Haven’t I met you before? “ HE REMEMBERED!

We sat there having drinks and chatting until about 5:30 in the morning!

During the conversation I had asked what happened to the Dual Professional amp and he said he still had it but it was getting to be too cumbersome to haul around, too heavy and it took 2 people to load it. I remarked about how great I remembered it sounding and he said calmly “ I think I’m gonna sell it, do you know anyone that may be interested? “ I promptly, and as calmly as possible, informed him that I would be VERY much interested in buying it. I gave him my contact information.  

 The Dual Professional and road case
photo courtesy D. Thompson©

Finally the evening was coming to a close and I graciously thanked Scotty and Gail for letting us join their little party and we left with me thinking “ there’s a million other people that will be interested in that amp and Scotty is a busy man.” I walked away just grateful to have had that evening to remember.

About 2 weeks later my phone rings, upon answering I hear “ Danny? Hi, this is Scotty Moore “ my heart almost stopped… He wanted to know if I was still interested in that amp.

I was afraid to have it shipped so Scotty let me come and pick it up. I asked if he would sign the road case for me and in classic Scotty Moore humor he signed the top “ This End Up!!! Scotty Moore 2001 “

 Scotty signs the road case
photo courtesy D. Thompson©  

I think the reason Scotty sold me the amp was because he knew that I was really a musician. I was interested in and inspired by Scotty as a musician and the amp would be going to someone that would really use it. I play that amp on almost a daily basis.

Danny Thompson and Scotty
photo courtesy D. Thompson©  

Scotty did customize his amp slightly. He added 2 handles on each side at the top of the amp for easier handling. That 76 lbs. that Fender says it weighs is a bit conservative if you ask me.

Danny Thompson


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