Autographed CD - All The King's Men


"It’s not your typical Elvis tribute. We tried to get people who claim they were influenced by the music more than our lead singer. We really had a ball with it. We told everyone to bring a song; we wanted all original material and as many different styles as we could get. I’m real proud of the fact that I believe that whatever kind of music a person likes, I believe he’ll find at least one cut on there to really enjoy."  - Scotty Moore

The sample audio clips below are in MP3 and Windows Media Audio 8 (WMA)  format to facilitate faster download times and require compatible players to enable you to listen.

Trk  MP3 WMA Title 

  1.      "Duece And A Quarter"

  2.      "I Told You So"

  3.      "Locked Up In The State Of Illinois"

  4.      "Goin Back To Memphis"

  5.      "I'm Going To Strangle You Shorty"

  6.      "Bad Little Girl"

  7.      "Soulmates"

  8.      "Hot Enough For Ya"

  9.      "Strange Love"

  10.      "Is All Of This For Me?"

  11.      "Unsung Heroes"


In addition to the audio tracks this CD is a multimedia format that includes video clips from a planned (but never released) documentary filmed during the recording of this project.  They are in Quicktime© format on the CD but excerpts from those clips are viewable here in Realmedia© format.


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