Autographed CD - Scotty Moore & Friends: Then and Now

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Guitar: Scotty Moore, Nick Nixon (tracks 5, 9, 10), Thom Bresh, Mike Eldred, Johnny Jones, Dave Kirby
Bass: Lightnin' Chance (track 1), Bill Black (track 2), Pete Pritchard (tracks 7, 8, 11), Billy Cox, Brotherman Gary Branchaud, Joe Allen (3,4)
Vocals: Willie Rainsford, Tracy Nelson, Nick Nixon, Billy Swan,
Drums: DJ Fontana, Fred Satterfield, Jerry Arnold
Keyboards: Steve Shepherd, Willie Rainsford
Sax: Ace Cannon, Boots Randolph
Steel Guitar: Weldon Myrick

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  1.      "Matchbox"

  2.      "The Gambler"

  3.      "Smokie Part II"

  4.      "Raunchy"

  5.      "Over 50 Blues"

  6.      "Bresh Fire"

  7.      "Reconsider Baby"

  8.      "There's Always Me"

  9.      "No End To The Blues"

  10.      "You Don't Know Me"

  11.      "Southern Fried Pickin'"

$20.00 each (shipping included).

Well. every song on this CD has a story. The entire CD covers recordings from the late 1950s to December 2004.

Matchbox - This has been one of Scotty's favorite recordings since it was done at Monument Studio in the early '70s. Willie Rainsford was on piano and vocals, Scotty on guitar, Our dear Lightnin' Chance on bass, DJ Fontana on drums. The engineer was Mort Thomasson... that's a whole book by itself! It has never been on one of Scotty's records before, but was released without his permission in the late '70s. He says. "Carl wrote it, but Willie stuck the fork into it...a big tribute to Carl Perkins."

The Gambler - There was a lady in Memphis named Sharri Paulus who had Scotty record the songs she wrote as instrumentals. They were put on records and sent to people who were interested in singing them, along with a set of Lyrics...almost the first sing-along tracks! This was recorded at Fernwood studio in Memphis while Elvis was in the Army (1958-1960). Scotty was on guitar, his dear friend Bill Black was on bass, Ace Cannon on sax, Jerry Arnold on drums and Scotty does not remember who was on piano. These demos for the lady resulted in Bill's inspiration which led to the Bill Black Combo. Thanks for the permission to use this, Mrs. Paulus.

Smokie Part II - This song was recorded at Music City Recorders around 1970 and was one of the songs released without Scotty's permission. Everyone of a certain age remembers this one...back when we loved instrumentals...I still do! Musicians were Scotty and Dave Kirby on guitars, Joe Allen on bass, Willie Rainsford on piano, Weldon Myrick on steel and DJ Fontana on drums.

Raunchy - This is the third and last of the songs released without permission. It's also from the early 1970s, Music City Recorders, and the same cast as Smokie Part II. Those of us who remember this remember Bill Justis playing lead on a horn, but in this one Scotty did on guitar and Joe on bass.

Over 50 Blues - This was written, sung, engineered and produced by our good friend James "Nick" Nixon. He asked Scotty to play one of the guitar solos on it along with another old friend, Johnny Jones. Scotty, nick and Johnny had a great time recording their parts at Nick's studio, I know because I was pouring the Johnny Walker Red! Nick would not let anyone play on this who was under 50. Along with these three the others included Billy Cox from Band of Gypsies with Hoss Allen talking over the whole production. This was cut in 1995 and its a jewel!

Bresh Fire - For a lot of years Scotty has admired Thom Bresh. He is the son of Merle Travis and he has taken the wonderful stuff his father invented and just kept on going! This particular cut was something Scotty wrote in admiration. Scotty plays the intro, then it goes to Bresh, then to Gary Burnett and then our good friend from Fender, Mike Eldred. Bass is played by Brotherman Gary Branchaud, piano by Willie Rainsford, organ by Steve Shepherd and drums by Fred Satterfield. It was cut at Scotty's Blueberry Hill Studio and it was just a big party! This was done during the NAMM show of 2002 after we all met down there and came back to Scotty's house.

Reconsider Baby - This is apparently one of Scotty's favorite songs, as this is the fourth version with him playing guitar that has been released. The first was with Elvis. The second was with Willie Rainsford and appears on the "Moore Feel Good" album. This version was actually the third time. Scotty has played with quite a few of his good friends in Memphis a couple of times on shows put on by Darwin Lamm called "The Legends". Each time Billy Swan and Boots Randolph have done this song and they do it perfectly! When our dear Pete Pritchard was visiting from London in September of 2004, he wanted us to do a session at Scotty's place because he loves the all-at-once recording and atmosphere. It was just a month after the last Legends show and Scotty asked Billy and Boots if they would come over and do this one. They both came and its one of the best on the CD!  Billy on vocals, Boots on sax, Scotty on guitar, Pete on bass, Steve Shepherd and Willie Rainsford on keyboards and Fred Satterfield on drums (Scotty loves Fred on drums...he can just exactly fit the song on anything the guys want to play). The last time was in London the following December with his English band and Paul Ansell singing. That one was for a DVD/TV show to be released.

There's Always Me - This turned out to be a bonus for us all. This was recorded right after "Reconsider Baby". The first cut went down so easy and Boots was feeling the groove so he came up with this, another Elvis song from the Legends show. Billy did not do this one on the previous show, did not know the words, so he suggested they do it as an instrumental. They did it to a turn! Same personnel as above, except no Billy Swan. Boots was smokin'!

No End To The Blues - This is another of Nick Nixon's good ol' Blues songs. Scotty suggested the title, Nick wrote the song and his version of it was the title cut on a great album put out in Europe around 2002. This version has both Nick and Willie Rainsford on vocals, Nick and Scotty on guitars, Billy Cox on bass, Steve Shepherd and Willie Rainsford on keyboards and old faithful Fred Satterfield on drums, again at Scotty's studio.

You Don't Know Me - Scotty would have a hard time putting out a CD without Tracy Nelson on it so he called and asked if she would do a song and what did she want to do? She picked this, said she'd always loved it. This was cut at Scotty's house in December of 2004. Nick Nixon on guitar with a little of Scotty at the end, Billy Cox on bass, Boots Randolph (of Course!) on sax, Steve Shepherd on keyboards and Fred Satterfield on drums. By the way, Steve Shepherd is Scotty's right hand... This one and several others at Scotty's place would never have happened without Steve's fine hand in it.

Southern Fried Pickin' - This started as a jam with these guys in Notodden Norway. The crew was having trouble setting up the sound equipment, so the band was entertaining themselves while they waited for sound check. They came up with this great sounding thing and after they came back to the U.S. they wanted to record it when our good friend Pete Pritchard was visiting again from London. He had been in the band in Norway, but no one exactly had remembered it. Luckily we had Ella Shepherd, Steve's wife, with us and she had gotten the jam on her movie camera. So she came over, played the movie then the guys re-did the jam. The name came from the fact that I was frying chicken in the kitchen at Scotty's all the time they were playing and then we all ate like pigs and laughed like loons! Another great time for all! The crew was Steve Shepherd on keyboards, Kevin woods and Scotty on guitar, Pete Pritchard on bass and Fred Satterfield on drums. The drummer in Norway was Jim Russell, also from London, he was the only original missing. This was cut at Scotty's Blueberry Hill studio in 2001. The kitchen crew was Gail, Ella Shepherd, Stella Pritchard and Brenda Satterfield.

I have been around for quite a few of these recordings. It's hard to say how much work goes into each song but also how much fun everyone has while working on them. Scotty records everyone all at once in the studio together and every note might not be perfect but they all feel great! That's why it's so much fun to listen to later... you can hear the people playing and having a good time. One thing Scotty always does on these sessions is to leave Little Willie Rainsford's vocal mic open. You can hear him moanin', groanin' and groovin' in every number he sings on. Today's recordings might be perfect but they don't have the soul felt in these numbers. I hope he does a dozen more albums... I'll cook the chicken.

Gail Pollock.



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