The Mighty Handful - Volume 2

Are you ready for a second "Handful"?

Scotty Moore, Billy Swan, Boots Randolph, Bob Moore, Buddy Spicher, Bucky Barrett, Steve Shepherd, and Fred Satterfield are a group of master musicians who have worked together for years  and who are so comfortable with each other that the music just flows out of them. Last year they released Volume 1 to rave reviews. Like that CD, they selected old classic blues, soul and R&B songs and done them in the way they want.....they have all written their own arrangements on the fly just as Elvis, Scotty, and Bill did on their early recordings before management stepped in and ruined their sound. You can not only hear great music, you can hear these guys having a good time.

Volume 1 is still available, too. 

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  1.    "I'm a Hog For You, Baby"

  2.    "Strange Things Are Happening"

  3.    "Stormy Monday"

  4.    "House Of The Rising Sun"

  5.    "Hold On, I'm Coming"

  6.    "Born Under A Bad Sign"

  7.    "Chain Of Fools"

  8.    "Dark End Of The Street"

  9.    "Shame, Shame, Shame"

  10.    "Honest I Do"

  11.    "Baby, Please Don't Go"

  12.    "Drinking Wine Spodeeodee"

Since this was a collaborative effort, all sales are separate, we can not combine these with any other orders and we can not offer these autographed.

For all of you who have Volume 1, you know what this is about. For the rest of you, Scotty Moore decided a few years back to record some stuff the way he, Elvis and Bill Black did, all the musicians in the studio recording live, He got a few of his friends, who also happen to be world class musicians, and started the original CD. It was so much fun they all went back and did another, Volume 2.

Fred, Buddy, Billy, Bob, Scotty, Boots and Bucky (Steve was in the boy's room)

A little about the players: 

Billy Swan is the vocalist and selected all the songs. He not only sings better than he ever did, he is also known as the writer/singer of "I Can Help," the writer of ”Lover Please," Kris Kristoferson’s side man and long-time friend, early Texas jewboy with Kinky Freidmen and general all around great guy.

Boots Randolph plays all the saxophone on both Volumes 1 and 2. But sweet Boots left us less than three months after the last song on Volume 2 was cut. He was the finest sax player, best entertainer and the neatest man that Nashville has ever seen. He was a bright sun that shone on every session, and he LOVED jalapeno cornbread!

Bob Moore plays bass on both volumes. He is the bass hero of fine players around the world. He's an original member of the Nashville A Team, which helped form the Nashville Sound. He is also a member of the International Musician's Hall of Fame. He and Scotty have been close friends and called themselves "The Moore Boys" since Bob took over bass for Elvis when Bill Black left the group to form the Bill Black Combo in the late 1950s.

Bucky Barrett plays all guitars on this!!! There are so many different sounds and styles played that you'd think it was a whole group, but Scotty says that Bucky knows more about a guitar and the sounds it will make than anyone else he's ever known. He is an all-around player who has been associated with many performers, but is best known as Roy Orbison's friend and lead guitarist for Roy's last eight years. He‘s also handsome, funny and kind. {Can you tell that a female is writing this label copy?)

Buddy Spicher is actually a classically trained violin player, but on this he plays a MEAN fiddle! He has been honored as one of the Nashville Cats by the Country Music Hall of Fame and has played with almost every country music star and band since Nashville music began. Bet you didn't expect a fiddle on a blues album!

Steve Shepherd plays the piano, organ and strings {on keyboard) on this album. He has been Scotty‘s good friend for many years and has played with a long list of stars - in both the U.S. and in Europe. He has hung in there with Scotty and me through thick and thin ... lots of thin!

Fred Satterfield plays drums just like Scotty likes ... he does just what a drummer is supposed to do -- keeps time, adds emphasis, gives you a little surprise sometime and does not ever override the music. He‘s still Scotty's favorite drummer and works on everything Scotty records. I have known Fred longer than Scotty has, and he's a good man besides being a good drummer.

I'm Gail, Scotty's companion and I enjoyed every minute of every session.


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