Ellis Auditorium February 6, 1955

A fan wrote in to me about a photo he had of Scotty in Memphis and asked if I might be able to identify it.  He sent a copy to me and I was pleasantly surprised to see a photo that I (at least) had never seen before.  It was taken at Ellis Auditorium on February 6, 1955 during their first appearance there.  Scotty is playing his ES-295 through his Fender Deluxe amp,  which is only the second photo I've ever seen that clearly shows him performing with that amp.  He told me that he was considering selling it but he was kind enough to provide us with a copy for use here.  My guess is that it may have been in fact taken by Robert Dye, a local amateur photographer who shot others of Elvis there that day and at other events early on.  Here is Tom's story how he came to own it.

James V. Roy
January 17, 2008

Scotty, Elvis and Bill onstage at Ellis Auditorium - Feb 6, 1955
Photo courtesy Tom Grisham

Around the time that Blue Hawaii was released, a family member had a friend by the name of Tip Scott. My family member mentioned to her that she knew that I was a big Elvis fan. Because my family member knew that Tip went to High School with Elvis, she thought that I would like to hear any stories that she had about Elvis.

Tip said that she could do better than that, and gave me this 8 1/2 X 11 photo of their first show at Ellis Auditorium and an autograph that Elvis gave her. What's interesting about the autograph is this:  Elvis and some buddies were water skiing at the lake near Memphis. On land, she ran into Elvis to say "Hi." All he had on was a bathing suit and a shirt from his street clothes. Tip asked Elvis if she could have an autograph. Elvis searched his shirt pocket for something to sign on.

All he had was a Cadillac salesman's business card from Southern Motors on Union Avenue in Memphis. Apparently he had been looking at cars earlier in the day.  So, he signed "To Tip from Elvis Presley" in his highly recognizable handwriting.

Whether or not he gave her the picture, or if she shot it at the show I have no idea. She was married to the GM/Funeral Director of The Memphis Funeral Home from the mid-fifties till part of the 70's.  His name was Bubbie Scott.  Both Tip and her Funeral Director husband have been dead for many years.

Tom Grisham
(210) 787 0222


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