Tupelo Fairgrounds

Scotty, Elvis and DJ
Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show, Tupelo Fairgrounds September 26, 1956

Photo© courtesy Roger Marshutz

"At the end of September, in the wake of his first Sullivan appearance, Elvis retuned to Tupelo for a riotous homecoming concert.  Despite their inferior audio quality, the surviving tapes of those two shows reflect the pandemonium that had set in by the end of 1956 at Elvis shows across the country.  The crowd let out one long wail from start to finish, screaming and cheering so loudly that no one--including the band--could hear a thing.  All Scotty and the boys could do was keep an eye on the singer from behind: 'We were the only band,' he recalls, 'directed by an ass.'"*

Elvis, The Jordanaires and Scotty
color photos© courtesy Jimmy Velvet

On June 6 of 2003 Scotty Moore and DJ Fontana returned to the Tupelo Fairgrounds with Sonny Burgess and the Pacers as part of the 6th Annual Elvis Presley Festival in Tupelo, MS.  The old stage is torn down but there's a new one up just waiting for these guys to tear it up.  As Scotty has said "We plan to rock that town! Believe me, as long as Sonny lives, rockabilly is not dead!"

Scotty with Ronnie McDowell and the Pacers in Tupelo

Scotty and DJ have been doing this show for several years and there is always a good crowd there.  Originally held the first week in August, they now hold it in June because it was just too hot to do outside.  Some of it may be in the evening this year.  It's one of the few shows Scotty plays without his coat and tie.  On June 4, 2004 they will return once again, this time with Ronnie McDowell and The Jordanaires

admission ticket to fairgrounds, unknown year

For ticket info to this event visit www.tupeloelvisfestival.com or call toll free at (888) 273-7798

*excerpt from the book "Elvis Presley: A Life In Music" by Ernst Jorgensen


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