Circle of Hope Telethons with Carl

In 1993 Scotty and D.J. went to Jackson, TN to appear on a telethon with Carl Perkins.  The telethons, called the Circle of Hope were something that Carl started and are still held every year to help raise money for the National Exchange club for their cause in the prevention of child abuse.  At that time in his career when it came to public performances, there weren't many who could get Scotty to say yes.  Carl was among the few who could.

Carl and Scotty at the Telethon in 1993

Carl and Scotty at the Telethon in 1993

Carl and Scotty at the Telethon in 1993

During the telethon the following year Scotty suggested to Ronnie McDowell that they all go down to Jackson and surprise Carl at the show.  So Ronnie loaded up his bus, and he and his band, in addition to Scotty, DJ, and Thom Bresh all went down.  When they got to the station, Scotty got Carl's son Stan, who knew they were coming, to bring Carl out to the parking lot during a break. Carl came out and saw this big bus and all that talent, and he was just speechless (which was saying a great deal about Carl Perkins!).  

Thom Bresh, Carl Perkins, Scotty and Ronnie McDowell

They all went in, took over the show for about an hour, and the people there just loved it!

Carl and Scotty at the Telethon in 1994

Carl and Scotty at the Telethon in 1994

Thom Bresh at the Telethon in 1994

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